Pride of Deaf Active

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Thursday 23rd June 2022
Pride of Deaf Active

Deaf Active are looking forward to hosting our first Pride of Deaf Active celebration evening. This gives us the opportunity to come together as a community, build connections and socialise, and to also celebrate our Henry Smith funded Stepping Stones group of young people who have worked hard during their one year project. 

This night also gives a variety of organisations/businesses to provide information about what they do and how they can benefit young people or the Deaf Community.

We will will be providing a silent auction, different raffles, buffet and more which will be revealed soon.

If you are interested in coming along you can buy a single ticket or request a full table (for up to 10 people) by emailing to discuss full table booking.

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If any guests require assistance, please purchase carers tickets. These tickets are at a discounted price. Proof will be required.

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