Online IT Tutorials

Online IT tutorials are the 30-minute educational sessions conducted remotely via Google Meet platform by our IT Volunteer in every Wednesday. Evening online IT tutorials are also available.

Online IT tutorials will cover a variety of your personalised topics related to information technology (e.g. coding, programming, cybersecurity etc).

Online IT tutorials are suitable for adults of all ages.

Follow our simple step-by-step process to find your perfect online tutorial.

Step 1) Choose your topic
Step 2) Choose your time slot

You will see available times listed. These are the times when our IT Volunteer is available to meet with you or your family. Find a time that suits for you and click on it.

Step 3) Enter your information

After choosing your time, a small form will appear asking for your name, your email address and your family details. Fill this in so IT Volunteer knows who you/your family are.

Step 4) Confirm your tutorial

Simply click on ‘Book’ button. Clicking this button will lock in your tutorial time.

Step 5) Check your email

After booking your tutorial, you’ll recieve a confirmation email. This email will confirm your tutorial time and it also include additional information or a link to Google Meet if your tutorial will be held online.

Step 6) Prepare for your tutorial

Make sure your computer or device is ready for the tutorial, with a working microphone and camera if needed.

Final step) Join your tutorial

Open the confirmation email in few minutes before your scheduled time and click on ‘Join with Google Meet’ button to join.

How to cancel or reschedule your tutorial?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your tutorial, you could go back to your confirmation email and find the instructions on how to cancel or reschedule.

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