Virus and Malware Removal Request Form
Welcome to our virus and malware removal request form! If you're experiencing issues with viruses, malware or any other type of suspicious activity, you've come to the right place. Our IT Volunteer is here to help you diagnose and remove these unwanted guests to ensure your digital space is safe and secure. Please provide as much detail as possible in the form below. This will help us understand the nature of the problem and the urgency with which it needs to be addressed. Our IT Volunteer will review your request submission and get back to you with the next steps. Remember, the more information you can give us, the faster we can help you resolve these issues. Thank you for trusting us with your security needs.
Please enter your first and last name as you would like it to appear in our records.
Please enter your valid email address where our IT Volunteer can reach you.
Please select the type of your device you're having an issues with.
Located on the back or bottom of your device or within the user manual. Please provide the brand and model of your device.
Located on your device's back, underneath the battery or within the device's settings. Please enter the serial number.
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