Data Backup & Recovery

Welcome to our Data Backup & Recovery service!

Protect your valuable data with our data backup and recovery services. Safeguard against unexpected losses and ensure your information is secure and retrievable.

Data Backup & Recovery: Services

  • Data backup solutions setup
  • Data recovery from backups
  • File retrieval and restoration

Data Backup & Recovery: How it works?

  • Submit your request through our online form or visit Deaf Active in person
  • Configure automatic backups based on your preferences
  • Our IT Volunteer will assess and initiate the data recovery process
  • Confirm successful data backup or recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a fee for data backup and recovery?

No, our data backup and recovery service is free of charge.

Q: How often should I backup my data?

It depends on your needs, but we recommend that you should have regular scheduled backups.  

Q: Do you provide training on data backup procedures?

Absolutely, we offer guidance on best practices for data backup during our sessions. 

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