Drop-in Tech Clinic

Welcome to our Drop-in Tech Clinic!

Whether you’re facing tech challenges or just want to improve your digital skills, our IT Volunteer is here to assist you.

Drop-in Tech Clinic: Services

  • General tech support
  • Quick issue assessment
  • Initial diagnostic checks

Drop-in Tech Clinic: How it works?

  • Schedule an appointment or attend our designated drop-in hours 
  • Bring your device or describe the issue
  • Get on-the-spot assistance from our friendly IT Volunteer

Drop-in Tech Clinic: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Drop-in Tech Clinic free or not?

Yes, our Drop-in Tech Clinic services are free of charge.

Do I need to bring my device?

If you have a specific issue with your device, bringing it will help us provide more accurate assistance.

Can I submit a ticket online?

Certainly! Use our request form system (see below) to submit your ticket.

Fix Your Tech Troubles Today!

Facing technical difficulties? Don’t let them disrupt your day! Visit our Drop-in Tech Clinic for your personalised tech assistance. From hardware malfunctions to software glitches, our IT Volunteer is on standby to offer you personalised troubleshooting, repair, and guidance. Just drop in with your device, and we’ll take care of the rest. Drop in today and experience hassle-free tech support tailored to your needs!

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