Network Support

Welcome to our Network Support service!

Ensure a seamless and reliable network with our network support services. From troubleshooting to optimisation, our IT Volunteer is here to keep your digital connections running smoothly.

Network Support: Services

  • Wi-Fi setup and optimisation
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Connection issue resolution

Network Support: How it works?

  • Submit your network support request through our online form or visit Deaf Active in person
  • Our IT Volunteer will assess your network setup and performance
  • Receive in-person or remote assistance based on your needs
  • Get suggestions for improving your network’s efficiency and security

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a fee for network support?

No, our network support service is free of charge.

Q: Can you assist with both home and business networks?

Yes, our network support services cater to both home and business environments.

Q: What types of network issues can be addressed?

Our IT Volunteer can address with the range of network issues, including connectivity problems, performance optimisation, hardware configuration, wireless network challenges, security concerns and network infrastructure planning.

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